You focus on the
high-impact features.
We focus on the boring stuff.

Give us that boring development task that has been in you to-do list since eternity


What is a boringtask?

It can be any development requirement, that takes a developer anywhere within 2 hours to 5 days.

Why give us your boringtasks?

  • You do not need a full-time developer - but need help to work on minor tweaks on-demand
  • You spend 40 hours sifting through freelancer platforms for a 2-hour job
  • You are a small team. And you want your team to focus on the high value & strategic features and not on routine development tasks
  • You want to have a million hands-on tech. Oops. On Deck. And you want them right now
  • You do not have the skillsets within the team for a small job and you do not want to hire for the tech skillset
  • Your dev teams Trello to-do list do not ever seem to end

Someone has to do all the boringtasks. Why should it be you or your team?

Our Process

1 Creation

Login to your Boringcodecompany account to post your first boring task.

Create Your Boring Task

2 The 12 hour promise

You are immediately assigned an account manager. The account manager shall get back to you within 12 hours on 1. If qualifies as a “boringtask” - if it can done within 5 days, and 2. It can be done by our team of boring developers.

3 Onboarding

Once we receive a go-ahead, you are assigned a developer. All communication would happen through our integrated chat platform.

4 Support

We provide a 7-day free chat support, where you can contact the account manager. Any issues in the boring task too would be rectified during this period.

Manage all your Boringtasks at one place

Post your boringtask. Consider it done!.

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Multiple Projects for Large Teams

Create multiple projects for the various products that you manage and need help with the boringtasks.


Create multiple tasks within each of the projects. Each of the boringtasks would be assigned to a developer within our team within 24 hours of you creating the boring task. There are multiple statuses for each task - which would give you a quick overview of the progress.


Communicate with both the project manager and the developer through our interactive communication platform. No more messy emails and follow ups


Manage and track payments across all your boring tasks in a single interface. To avoid hassles and save time, aggregate and pay across multiple boringtasks.

Modern Daesign Trends

Progressive Web App

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Some of the boringtasks we have worked on are:


A boringtask for a SaaS startup that wanted to create a responsive webpage for their pricing screen.

API Integration/Creation

A boringtask for a tourism-based app that integrates an API that provides local weather information.

Report Generation

A boringtask for a manufacturing firm that involved creating a report for their employees to view data showing the details of service calls they have completed weekly.

Landing Page

A boringtask for an online OTA building 20 landing pages for a particular ad campaign.

Plugin Development & Deployment

A boringtask for an online OTA that showed the number of live visitors on their site.


A boringtask for an ecommerce website where we had to fix 200 redirects in their sitemap.

Android and IOS Publishing

A boringtask where we helped in setting up the Playstore & AppStore accounts for a social media app and helped them launch the products.

Issue Sorting

A boringtask that involved clearing up a developers Jira list.

CICD Pipeline

A boringtask for an app that involved setting up a CICD pipeline.

On site SEO

A boringtask that involved adding meta tags for better onsite SEO for an e-learning company.

Responsive email templates

A boringtask where we developed multiple responsive email templates for a company’s launch campaign.

Server migration

A boringtask that involved migrating Laravel based website to new server with new domain.


$25 /hour

  • Simple and Transparent

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