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Boring Task


It can be any development requirement, that ideally takes 1 developer anywhere within 2 hours to 10 days.


  • Your agency is overpriced
  • You spend 40 hours sifting through freelancer platforms for an 8 hour job
  • You want your team to focus on the high value & strategic features and not on routine development tasks
  • You want to have a million hands on tech. Oops. On Deck for a few days. And you want them right now

Someone has to do all the boring tasks. Why should it be you?

Some of the boringtasks we have worked on are:

Report Generation

A boringtask for a manufacturing firm that involved creating a report for their employees to view data showing them the details of service calls they have completed weekly.

Plugin Development & Deployment

A boringtask for an online OTA that showed the number of live visitors on their site.


A boringtask for a SaaS startup that wanted to create a responsive webpage for their pricing screen.

API Integration/Creation

A boringtask for a tourism based app that integrates an api that provides local weather information.


A boringtask for an ecommerce website where we had to fix 200 redirects in their sitemap.

Android and IOS Publishing

A boringtask where we helped in setting up the playstore & appstore accounts for a social media app

Issue Sorting

A boringtask that involved clearing up a developers Jira list.

Landing Page

A boringtask for an online OTA building 20 landing pages for a particular ad campaign.

On site SEO

A boringtask that involved adding meta tags for better onsite SEO for an e-learning company.

Responsive email templates

A boring task where we developed multiple responsive email templates for a company’s launch campaign.

Creating a web form

A boringtask for a consulting website, where we created multiple exit-intent popups to be shown basis the user’s actions on the website.

Server migration

A boringtask that involved migrating Laravel based website to new server with new domain.

Our Process

Less than 6 hours from enquiry to developer onboarding

1 Creation

Drop us a note with the boringtask. Try to be as detailed as possible in the description.

Create Your Boring Task

2 The 6 hour promise

We would get back to you within 6 hours with a time & cost estimate for completion, and await your confirmation to start. In case we need more clarifications before giving an estimate, we will drop you a mail - requesting more information.

3 Onboarding

Once we receive a confirmation, you are assigned an account manager and a developer. There would be an initial setup call, where the milestones and expected deliverables are clearly defined.

4 Payments

There would be 2 predefined payment milestones for each boringtask - 50% at the predefined milestone and on 100% completion .

Note : We currently accept payments only through Paypal.

5 Support

We provide a 7 day free email support, where you can contact the account manager for any queries.Any issues in the boring task too would be rectified during this period


All the software engineers in the team are in house full time developers
They are graded across 100+ data points so we know the exact fit for any of your boringtasks
Meet your Boringtask Engineers, who can handle any boringtask you throw at us.


$20 /hour

  • Simple and Transparent
  • Minimum billed for 1 day(8 hours)

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